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Flagingo Electric Blue & Scottish Raspberry Gin Liqueur


A shimmering swirl of rocking colour changing madness!
Flamingos aren’t just the strutters of the world they are the Rockers too! Lay back and let the Flagingo house band rock your taste buds with an Electric combination of Blue & Scottish Raspberries!
By adding a Sparkling Mixer to the swirling-shimmering blue madness, it triggers a wonderful on-stage explosion of Pink hues. The final rift on the palette and nose will leave you swooning like a Love struck Groupie.
Strong and Powerful Refreshment, finishing with a soft & smooth diminuendo of ripe fruit, leaving your senses crying “ENCORE! ENCORE!”

Additional Details

  • Alcohol Content: 20% ABV
  • Bottle Size: 50cL

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